In Memory Of Cartoonist Prof. Atila OZER Internatioanal Cartoon Contest, Eskisehir, Turkey

Submission due date: 30 June 2016..

Eskisehir / TURKEY
June 30, 2016
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Submission due date: 30 June 2016..

1.    Organizer Of The Contest:
Anadolu University Department of Civil Engineering Eskisehir-TURKEY

2. AIM Of The Contest:
The aim of the contest is to analyze the relationship between capital and labor in the construction industry with cartoons.

3. Theme Of The Contest: 
“Construction Industry and the Human”

4. Participation Rules:
The competition is open to professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world. The cartoons that focus on the subject can be prepared by any technique and with any color. Cartoons should be prepared either in A4 (210mm x 297mm) or A3 (297mmX420mm) paper dimensions.
Cartoons prepared in digital format can also participate in this contest, however printouts
signed by the cartoonists should be sent for the competition.
Cartoonists can participate in this contest with a maximum of 3 cartoons.
Name, surname, birth date, postal address, phone number and e-mail address should be
written on the back of each work.
The cartoonists are free to participate with already published works as long as these works have not previously been awarded in any other contest.

5. Participation Address:
Prof. Dr. Gokhan ARSLAN
Assist. Prof. Dr. Serkan KIVRAK
Anadolu University
2 Eylul Campus
Civil Engineering Department
26555 Eskisehir-TURKEY

E-mail : gokhana(5)anadolu.edu.tr 
E-mail : serkankivrak@anadolu.edu.tr 
Tel      : +90 533 251 25 11

6. Submission Due Date: 30 June 2016

7. Prizes:
- Cartoonist Prof. Atila OZER Prize (1000 USD)
- 4 Success Awards (250 USD)

8. Selection Committee:
Kamil MASARACI (Cartoonist, Cumhuriyet Newspaper)
Ercan AKYOL (Cartoonist, Milliyet Newspaper)
Vicdan Bulunmaz OZER (Prof. Atila Ozer House Museum)
Prof. Dr. Gokhan ARSLAN (Anadolu University)
Prof. Dr. M. Talat BIRGONUL (METU)
Prof. Dr. Zeliha AKCAOGLU (Anadolu University)
Assist. Prof. Dr. Serkan KIVRAK (Anadolu University)

9. Award Announcement Date:
15 September 2016 (The awards will be announced on the web site www.atilaozermuzeevi.com)
10. Cartoons will not be returned to the artists. Once sent the works belong to the organizing committee. It can be published, distributed or used for promotional purpose in future. The cartoons may be used for promotional purposes: cards, posters, catalogs, newspapers, magazine and books etc.
11. The selection committee will determine the selected cartoons. The selected cartoons will be published in a catalog. These will be sent at no cost to the participants whose works
are exhibited and published.
12. The selected cartoons will be exhibited.

13. Prize Award Ceremony: 4 November 2016
14. Participants are considered to have accepted all these conditions.
(Source: Atila ÖZER Müze Evi)

Atila ÖZER
(1949 - 2011)