Yarışma / Contest


The 11th Tehran International Cartoon Biennial 2017, Tehran, Iran

Tehran / IRAN
April 20, 2017
( P & @ )

Sections and Subjects: Thematic Cartoon: Safety and Security.. Cartoon: Free.. Caricature: World Famous People (Actors, Athletes, Politicians)..

Monday 27.11ç.2016 CartoonColors
Sections and Subjects: 
Thematic Cartoon: Safety and Security
Cartoon: Free
Caricature: World Famous People (Actors, Athletes, Politicians ,...)
- Each Participant can send 5 artworks in each section.
- Send artworks must not won a prize before.
- Send artworks must not published in catalogs of this biennial before
- Original artworks must be send by mail post
- Digital artworks must be send with png or jpg format, 300 dpi resolution and 2000 pixel width or length
- Minimum size of original artworks must be A4 and maximum A3
- Name, full name, phone number, email and post address must be written at the back of original artworks.
- Must send (full name, post address, email address, phone number, photo and CV) in word file
- Catalog will be send for the artists that their artworks has been published in the catalog

Grand Prize: (Thematic section) 8000$ with Trophy and Honorable Mention
First Prizes in each section: 2000$ with Trophy and Honorable Mention
Second Prize in each section: 1500$ with Trophy and Honorable Mention
Third Prize in each section:1000$ with Trophy and Honorable Mention

Deadline: 20th April 2017

Mail address: 
Iranian house of cartoon, 
No 44, after Ahmadi Roshan(ketabi) square, 
west Golnabi st., Shariati st., 
Tehran, Iran

Email address for sending digital artworks: 
Tel: + 98 21 22 86 86 00
Fax: + 98 21 22 84 69 28
Website: www.irancartoon.com
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